Unlock your team’s hidden Potential with effective delegation

Like any company sincere about its growth, even as we grow, we keep looking for new and better ways to do what we do. We seek out ideas and strategies that could help us enhance ourselves and make further advances in customer centricity, quality, productivity and cohesiveness. And as we progress on this pursuit of excellence, we try and share the lessons we’ve learnt in our journey so far so that other seekers can more easily find the answers they need.

One of the many important lessons we learnt comes, unsurprisingly, from a very famous source of leadership wisdom – ‘The 7 Habits of Effective People’ by Stephen Covey. Continue reading

The new text editor

We are excited to announce that a new version of the Text Editor has been launched; allowing you to customize your report way more than ever before. Now you have more possibilities to create professional looking reports  for your clients. With this new version of the text editor, no surprise here, you can customize text, add images and even add custom tables.

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Michael Porter for online marketing agencies

At Swydo we see a wide variety of  agencies in our client base. Amongst other individual characteristics, distinctions can be made by the range of services they provide (Some offer just Adwords campaign management, some offer PPC in general, some also do SEO, some will even manage your websites and social media). These agencies of course also differ in the number of clients they serve. Generalizing, most of them could be classified in three groups:

  1. The Boutique agencies: serving a couple clients with a full service attitude.
  2. The Small shops: serving a handful of clients a tailored, specific service.
  3. The Volume makers: serving many clients in a comparable standardized way.

A few weeks ago, Continue reading